Christian conservative attitude repulsive to youth, according to study

Youth in America are turning from Christianity because of the conservative politics often involved with the religion.

Elisa Walker, Writer

A growing number of young people in America are walking away from organized religion because of the increase of conservative politics.

Differences in opinion over abortion and homosexual issues are the main reasons for the split. In a recent poll, the Los Angeles Times found that young people are less likely than ever to describe themselves as “evangelical,” largely due to the conservative politics associated with the term.

So what can the church do without compromising what they believe to be biblical politics? I think it depends on whether you believe Christians should be involved in politics at all. If you do not believe that Christians should be involved in politics then the answer is simple: the Church should stay out of politics and stick to drawing people to the church through other venues.

If you believe that Christians should be involved in politics then it is a complex answer because it is a complex issue. As Christians who are involved in politics, there are certain issues that we cannot back down on because of our biblical worldview. Some Christians would say that issues like abortion and homosexuality would fall into this category, though the legality of these matters is where the water gets murky.

I think that as Christians we should love people and befriend them, no matter who they are. Legally, as Christians involved in politics, we still need to be voting based on our moral code.

Should we be worried about our dropping numbers? Yes, but we need to find a way to deal with this problem without compromising our political standpoints on issues that cannot be compromised.

Furthermore, youth may be responding to pastors and preachers at the pulpit who are talking about politics during their sermons, and personally I do not believe that politics is a pastor’s calling behind the pulpit.

They should be talking about God.

Now I am not saying that pastors cannot vote or be involved in political events, but since their main call in life is to shepherd, then they should be shepherding.

Culturally, this country may be falling away from its conservative past. But in recent political polls, the Tea Party, the GOP and the conservative political movements of the day have actually been winning in several major elections. So even though people are walking away from the church, politically, especially when it comes to the economy, people are still becoming more conservative.

In the end, maybe the political shift to conservative politics will eventually lead more people to church. Or maybe if Christians became more politically attentive, people would not see us as ignorant and disinterested. Either way, this is a complex issue and cannot be answered easily. But I can tell you that the Church needs to make up its mind when it comes to politics because attendance numbers are dropping.

Inaction is the worst thing we can do.

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