Just sleep on it

Sleep is an important, but often missing, key to staying healthy in college.

Kristi Peterson, Writer

Many factors make up true health. A healthy person eats well, exercises and sleeps among other good habits. Sleeping is something that everyone needs but few actually get enough of it.

Sleeping is the way that the body recharges itself after working all day. Lack of sleep can cause your brain to lose focus and make it difficult to execute even the most simple, daily tasks. Getting a good night’s sleep will ensure that you are ready to take on the day with a clear mind that can be ready for anything that comes its way. Sleeping allows the brain to completely shut down so it can regain the power it needs.

Sleeping is also a way to relax your muscles and heal them as well. Healing of the muscles, nerves, and other parts of the body occurs when you sleep because you give your body a break. Our bodies are capable of healing themselves if we allow them the opportunity to completely rest with no disturbances. If we can achieve a full Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycle, our bodies will function much better. When you enter into the REM cycle, your eyes are rapidly moving while you are sleeping. Here, you are getting the deepest sleep and your body is replenishing itself of its needs.

It is so hard to get enough sleep as a college student with all of the projects, tests, homework assignments and social lives that must be maintained, but sleeping is one way to stay healthy and not get sick during the important times of the year. It will also keep you sane. Remember, you need sleep. Do not be afraid to lie down, relax, and heal.

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