Campus Safety apprehends drunk driver on campus

Man drives car over sidewalks near Metzger and Talbot construction site.

Kathryn Watson, Writer

A man was arrested Thursday night on campus on a DUI suspicion after plowing his Toyota Camry over campus walkways.

The man, unaffiliated with Biola, entered campus through the Biola Ave. exit and drove over sidewalks by Metzger, Calvary Chapel and the Talbot construction site before the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department was called to take him to jail. Campus Safety officers initially stopped and arrested the man near Sycamore Lawn. John Ojeisekhoba, chief officer of Campus Safety, said the unnamed suspect, estimated to be in his 50s, was suspected of causing a hit-and-run incident in La Mirada just a few hours before.

The entire incident, from the point the suspect entered campus to the time he was arrested, lasted approximately one hour, Ojeisekhoba said. Parts of the incident were captured on security video. Ojeisekhoba said a Campus Safety officer detected that the man was intoxicated and commented on the performance of all the personnel involved.

“My gate attendants and the officers that responded did an outstanding job,” he said.

Ojeisekhoba said the man didn’t drive over the newly planted grass on Metzger Lawn and that no passengers were in the car.

Finding intoxicated people on campus is nothing new, the chief added. Drunk drivers have driven through campus in the past, and on one occasion, a person on foot passed out in the bushes.

Ojeisekhoba didn’t indicate that any systems would be reevaluated or that security would heighten as a result of Thursday’s incident.

“The system we have in place works,” he said. “In general, we will continue to keep our eyes open out there.”

Campus Safety is looking to receive more details from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department on the suspect and what will happen to him.

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