Sexuality is a part of how God made us

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Rather than avoiding the topic of sexuality, we need to embrace it from a biblical perspective.

Kristi Peterson, Writer

Sexuality: God created us to be sexual beings, yet in our conservative Christian community, it is frowned upon until marriage, and it is what most would call an awkward topic. It is healthy to understand and realize that we live in a culture that is sexual and it is important to face it with the right mindset as a Christian.

Many people argue that waiting for marriage is an outdated idea that derives from God not wanting us to be happy. A big question is, if it is so good, then why should we not engage in this?

The first statement could not be any farther than the truth. God created the Garden of Eden in the beginning for Adam and Eve. It is literally translated as “delight.” They were created to live in a place of pure delight. They were created naked, so it is fair to say that God is not a prude. They were not ashamed and he was not ashamed because he created humans to be sexual beings. If God did not want us to be happy, then why did he originally create a place that literally means delight for us? Satan provides half truths to us, and we must see through them if we are to live a happy and healthy life in unison with God.

Many people argue that they engage in sexual activities for pleasure, but a study was shown by the Kinsey Institute that women only have true pleasure 29 percent of the time and men only 75 percent of the time. A statistic like this shows that it is not pleasure people are looking for, but it shows that they are looking for so much more. God created the lines of marriage so we can be with one person and be in that state of delight with them for the rest of our lives.

It is healthy to look at what you are doing and ask why that is. Being confident that God desires us to be happy and that he knows what is best for us is one step to becoming a whole and healthy person in Christ.

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