Caf TV earns a thumbs down, may be misplaced

Getting a TV in the Caf was a waste of money.

Elisa Walker, Writer

$5,500, that’s a good chunk of money. A college student could do quite a bit with that kind of money. Buy a reliable car, pay for school, buy some new clothes, go on a missions trip or even sponsor a few World Vision children. What could Biola do with $5,500? Biola could give out a couple of scholarships, fund another proposal for Haiti, resurrect Health Day, buy some new vacuums and ironing boards for the dorms or even splurge and buy a hot tub for students. Yes, $5,500 can buy many things. What is so important about $5,500?

$5,500 is the estimated cost of the TV in the café, according to Don Sims, senior director of auxiliary services, which functions as a big screen with a PowerPoint. Eventually, EagleVision may be added, but what a waste of money. I understand that it could inform some students, but the majority of students receive information on upcoming events via signs on campus, the Internet or BUBBS. As students, we are already so busy with school that socializing is hard to come by at times and is something we treasure. The Caf is a great place where we can sit and enjoy one another’s conversation and company; a TV would only impede that.

I think it could serve a better purpose elsewhere or the money could have been used towards something more important. Since the money has already been spent on the TV in the Caf, it should be moved some place that it can be heard. Maybe they could add other news stations to it so that students could be informed about what is going on outside the campus. The TV in the Caf is a definite thumbs down.

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