L.A. County Sheriff deputies take man into custody by mailboxes

The two men trespassing on campus said they were there to “check out females,” said John Ojeisekhoba, Campus Safety chief.

Kathryn Watson, Writer

Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies took one man into custody and escorted another man off campus near the mailboxes around 7:25 p.m. Tuesday.

Campus Safety officers first noticed the men near South Campus and determined they “probably didn’t have any business on campus,” said John Ojeisekhoba, Campus Safety chief.

When the officers made contact with the men, 24 and 27, the men said their reason for being on campus was to “check out females,” Ojeisekhoba said. Officers found no weapons on the trespassers.

Campus Safety officers immediately contacted the sheriffs, who did a records search and found that one of the men had an outstanding warrant. That man was taken into custody. Officers determined that the other man had been drinking and escorted him off campus.

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