Power outage gives Biolans déjà vu

Facilities Services representatives say problem is Edison-related and completely unconnected to the outage two weeks ago.

Kathryn Watson, Writer

Biola went pitch black Friday night — again.

Power went out campus-wide for about 10 minutes between approximately 6:45 p.m. and 6:55 p.m., much like it did just two weeks ago Friday. This time, however, power also went out in other parts of La Mirada and Whittier. Brian Phillips, senior director of Facilities Services, said the problem was most likely completely unrelated to the malfunction two weeks ago.

“It appears to be an Edison outage that took us down with it,” he said.

Phillips contacted Edison representatives, who said an outage in Whittier was most likely responsible for the malfunction.

Joey Valles, the Central Plant operator at Biola, was driving down La Mirada Boulevard when he saw all of La Mirada Boulevard, including City Hall, go dark. Valles was on the way to the movies with his wife and son, but stopped at campus to help. He confirmed that power has been restored to all parts of campus.

Phillips is awaiting confirmation from Edison as to the source of the problem.

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