Corey endorses short-term CFO

Senior Biola finance official, Dave Koontz, will temporarily fill the post that Carl Schreiber will leave this semester.


Kathryn Watson, Writer

Dave Koontz, senior director of financial management and reporting, has been appointed interim chief financial officer.

Koontz will fill in for Carl Schreiber, who announced his resignation from his position after 22 years with Biola in November. Schreiber’s departure is tentatively set for next week. Koontz, a 30-year employee of Biola, has worked under Schreiber since the resigning leader arrived in 1987. Koontz, appointed by Corey, will step in while a national search for a new vice president of business and financial affairs takes place. University leaders are in the process of selecting and hiring a search firm to find someone to fill Schreiber’s shoes more permanently. Corey said a new CFO should be selected within the next 120 days.

Corey said Koontz is “more than able” to act as a temporary CFO. Koontz, alongside Sandie Weaver, senior director of financial planning and operations, and a long-time member of the financial team, will easily carry the responsibilities in Schreiber’s absence, Corey said.

“We’re going to be able to continue on with business as usual without missing a beat,” Corey said. “It’s not a long-term solution, but we have enough strength there to be able to carry us through until we find that next person.”

Koontz and Weaver will assume some of Schreiber’s old duties, like interpreting financial documents, Schreiber said. Koontz will continue his usual responsibilities, including prepping for the university’s annual audit.

“The work of the university is very cyclical,” Schreiber said. “We have done this as a team for many, many years. You pull one piece out and the rest of the team fills in.”

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