Biola’s student magazine, The Point, on shelves Friday

Most students on campus are aware that Biola has a student newspaper. But its lesser-known cousin, The Point, is fast establishing itself as a premier source of journalism. The Chimes talked with Editor-in-Chief Liz Choi about how what students can expect to see when the once-per-semester magazine releases on Friday, Dec. 7.

Can you tell me in your own words what The Point magazine is?

The Point is an undergraduate magazine for Biola that is produced by the journalism department. Mostly journalism students become involved. However, this year we do have art and business majors on staff. Students do all their own work and contribute to the magazine’s writing, design, and photography. It is an opportunity for students to gain experience in magazine writing.

Who is involved in The Point’s staff?

The Point is a practicum class within the journalism department. Students are responsible to produce the magazine by the end of the semester. There are many talents students can offer including public relations work, article writing, and photography. There are usually 10 or so editorial positions, but there are also freelance students who contribute.

What kind of articles will this year’s magazine be focusing on?

Last year’s issue was a look at heavier issues such as confession. We also looked at Biola students off campus and certain students’ ministries and experiences abroad. This year we are looking at divorce and marriage and the “ring by spring” mentality on Biola’s campus. Also, there is a focus on religious beliefs and miraculous healing. One piece is a look at a student’s experience with Mormonism.

How does the fact that The Point won a statewide collegiate journalism award last year come into play this year?

It is encouraging to know that we got recognized for the work we have done. Because we don’t get paid, the recognition was important and made the students feel proud of all that they accomplished. It has created a standard for us to look towards and try to maintain. We want to produce something that is excellent and serves as a representation of the campus and Biola.

What were some your favorite pieces to work on for this issue?

There are two pieces that I really enjoyed. One is the main story on divorce. We were able to interview an alum who went to Biola. After a period of marriage, she came to the point of divorce. The piece is her experience raising four children as a single mother. Divorce is a hard-hitting reality that needs to be looked at and thought about. I hope it will be sobering for students to read. The second piece is on miraculous healing. This was a rare story that was held onto from last year, but the writer felt like more research would benefit the piece. This topic is something students feel strongly about, but it never seems to get talked about. I hope that this will help students decide what they believe on the subject and help them gain ownership of their faith regarding this particular issue.

Where can students find The Point when it is released?

The magazine will be distributed this Friday and can be found in almost any common area, including Common Grounds, the Student Union Building, most department reception areas, dorm lobbies, the library, and areas within Metzger.

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