AS Senate: Ping-pong table, Mexico cruise giveaway approved

The A.S. Senate held its weekly meeting this Tuesday.

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The A.S. Senate held its weekly meeting this Tuesday.

Senate Meeting: 11/27/07

At the AS Senate’s weekly Tuesday meetings, senators give audience to parties requesting money, vote on pending proposals and discuss finances. Here is an outlined summary of the most recent senate meeting, which was held Nov. 27.


1.Party for Café workers, from Social Justice Ministries—$550

  • Saturday, Dec. 8.
  • Food, including cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Showing of film: The Nativity.
  • Promotion of local Hispanic ministries, due to the large number of Hispanic workers.

2. “Chill”: an event for Stewart Hall—$225

  • Thursday, Nov. 29.
  • Drinks, marshmallows and cheese from the cheese club.
  • Advertising expenses.
  • Information about Stewart’s proposed new fence.

3. Mexico cruise giveaway at AS Spirit Board’s “Study Break”—$470

  • “Study Break” will be held Friday, Dec. 9, from 10 to 12 p.m. in the Café.
  • Raffle.
  • Two tickets for winner.

4. Dorm Banners—$1,400

  • To be hung at dorm competitions
  • The banners are to be durable, so as to last for a long time.

5. Second paid Web editor position for The Chimes—$8/hour, 15 hours/week

  • Currently there is a head Web editor and an assistant Web editor, but only the former is paid.
  • Jenna Bartlo, editor-in-chief of The Chimes, said both employees spend 15 hours or more per week working on The Chimes Online.
  • Michelle Rindels, Web editor for The Chimes, said there is a need for immediacy when putting content online, so the two positions are necessary.

6. Remodel for SMU and AS office—$20,000

  • New carpet.
  • Installation of donated furniture.
  • Jared Gibo, AS president, says the current office layout is inefficient.
  • Gibo says he wants a lot of student feedback about this project.

7. Change of title and responsibilities for AS Vice President of Services.

  • To be changed to AS Vice President of Marketing and Communications.
  • The change is meant to address a perceived underutilization of the AS Vice President of Services.
  • The change is also meant to free up the AS marketing directors to do more than just advertising. Scott Munekawa, the AS marketing director, said he wanted to work on more student feedback projects, but hasn’t had the time.


Proposals from last week

  1. Conversion ping-pong table top for Hope Hall—$315, PASSED
  2. Commuter Christmas Party—$200, PASSED

New proposals elected to be voted on this week

  1. “Chill”: an event for Stewart Hall—$225, PASSED
  2. Party for Café workers, from Social Justice Ministries—$550, PASSED
  3. Mexico cruise giveaway at AS Spirit Board’s “Study Break”—$470, PASSED


Senators are being encouraged to promote the Kutless concert that will be held at Biola on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Minutes from each week’s senate meeting can be found on BUBBS in Conferences/ Sub Plaza/ Associated Student Gov’t/ Senate Minutes.

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