Fall in love with this season’s playlist essentials

Listen to these tunes to make the most of your autumn.


Kayla Santos, Staff Writer

1. Jeremy Zucker – “Firefly”

If dreamy electronic pop artist EDEN and alternative R&B singer-songwriter Blackbear meshed their styles into one, Jeremy Zucker would surely fall into that genre. Zucker’s most recent EP, “Summer,” concludes with the gem “Firefly.” As the nights grow longer, listen to the electronic, soulful afterglow “Firefly” emits in the midst of the dark fall hours.

2. The Japanese House – “Lilo”

In her single “Lilo,” English folktronica act The Japanese House is not crooning about the beloved Disney character, but rather the British term for an inflatable mattress that acts as a floating device.With euphoric humming and synthesizers galore, listeners cannot help but feel like they are actually floating on a lilo.  

3. Omar Apollo – “Ugotme”

Omar Apollo’s John Mayer-esque guitar riffs and R&B undertones make it difficult to keep his entire EP “Stereo” off this playlist. In the heart of “Stereo” exists “Ugotme,” which flaunts a jazzy guitar base to complement Apollo’s falsetto flair. “Ugotme” is sweeter than Halloween candy and must be added to your music collection this fall. 

4. The 1975 – “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”

If you want to feel like you are walking the high school halls of a John Hughes film, listen to “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” by The 1975. This remarkable single makes the anticipation for The 1975’s third album nearly unbearable. The 1975’s inspiration from ‘80s synth-pop and new wave bands shines through funky guitar lines and glassy bell sounds.    

5. Shoffy – “Cool Again”

Los Angeles-based Shoffy knows exactly how to set the mood for the season. The indie-pop singer’s recent single “Cool Again” expresses a jubilant, bouncy vibe to keep your fall cheerful. Not to mention that the title perfectly describes the change of weather as the season progresses.

6. Brooke Sierra – “Poetry & Stars”

Up-and-coming artist Brooke Sierra launched her musical career with debut single “Poetry & Stars,” exhibiting a style comparable to an upbeat Billie Eilish and soulful Corinne Bailey Rae. Sierra’s take on neo-soul gives listeners a reason to read poetry and admire the stars this autumn.

7. Sleeping At Last – “Atlas: Seven”

Famous for their contribution to the Twilight saga soundtrack, emo trio Sleeping At Last continues to create ideal songs for fall. This past year, Sleeping At Last has released songs and podcasts that correlate to every enneagram type. For those unfamiliar, the enneagram extensively analyzes nine different personality types. “Atlas: Seven” describes the spontaneity and restlessness that exude the type seven enneagram. With this song in mind, do not be afraid to spontaneously adventure with your friends for a more memorable autumn season.

8. UMI – “Remember Me”

Following her 2017 single “Happy Again,” young R&B artist UMI has released an EP and a handful of singles this past year.With its chilly guitar riffs and languid tempo, UMI’s most recent single “Remember Me” effortlessly fits the ambiance of fall.

9. Rightfield – “Bittersweet Endings”

Assembled at the University of Arkansas, Rightfield showcases the simplicity of acoustics in “Bittersweet Endings.” The trio needs not anything else besides a cajon, shaker, acoustic guitar and raspy vocals to create the perfect end-of-year song. Needless to say, Rightfield does it right with “Bittersweet Endings.”

10. HONNE – “306”

Known for their dancey electronic tunes, English sophisti-pop duo HONNE crafts songs that you would most likely hear while shopping at H&M. At the median of their 2018 album “Love Me / Love Me Not” stands “306,” expelling their peculiar approach to robot soul and electro-R&B. Ideal to blast on late night drives, top off your fall playlist with the feel-good “306.”

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