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Maria Weyne
Maria Weyne is a junior journalism student who has a green card, a big brain and loves shrimp.

My love for journalism stemmed from the rich history my home country holds. Being Brazilian introduced me to the awful stories of censorship the country suffered throughout its longest lasting dictatorship. I decided to seek out ways to be able to tell the truth and show the world what really happens behind all the controlled media and information being released. 

I was given the opportunity to immigrate to America in 2014. Moving here introduced me to God and made me even more passionate about telling the truth so I decided to become a journalist. 

Coming to Biola has allowed me to fulfill that desire to share true and honest stories. It has also provided me with the opportunity to work with the amazing Chimes staff and learn more and more about how to be an ethical journalist. 

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

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